The present invention discloses a new system for power transmission that is applied in bicycles, similar vehicles or machines with an efficiency increase relatively to the conventional means.


Today’s bicycles show similar transmission systems based in a cogwheel, placed about the middle of the bicycle and driven by two pedals in a circular alternated movement. This movement is then transmitted to the back wheel by a roller chain. This system, although wasting a part of the employed force, works well so it has been kept as it is along the years. However, there are other possible ways to convert the muscular power of the cyclist into the vehicle movement, for instance the system proposed by the present invention.


This invention discloses a new transmission system which is based in linear alternated inputs, by contrast with the circular movements of the classic transmission systems. The system converts linear movement in rotation movement. The linear movement may be done by human or machine force.    
This system improves the efficiency of the mechanical transmission thus increasing its effective output power. 

Potential comercial use/applications: 

Mobility solutions; Transports;  Leisure