At the University of Porto, the commercialisation of technologies is in step with the existence of innovative R&D results, distinct and competitive within the market, by solving technical problems and creating new products or services. Our scientific production is geared towards providing innovative market solutions to the market, for these are the foundations of a strong and sustainable knowledge-based economy.


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The U.Porto Innovation methodology for evaluating new R&D results or technologies consists of six main steps (the TT process within U.Porto). From the invention disclosure to revenue monitoring, U.Porto safeguards that the validation and market demands are met by the product/service to be created.

Technology transfer to a company is usually done through a licensing agreement, which may or not be exclusive, for one or more applications of the technology and with full or limited geographical scope. All the drivers of the commercialisation of the technology will be discussed with the company for it to obtain a maximum return on investment and for U. Porto to fulfil its mission.

By transferring technologies to companies, U.Porto shows that it:​

  • Has unique and distinctive R&D results;
  • Fosters a knowledge-based economy;
  • Has market-aware researchers, willing to collaborate with companies;
  • Increases the return of public investment in research;
  • Invests in creating employment and improving quality of life.

At the same time, it means that companies:

  • Have access to exclusive knowledge for solving their technical queries;
  • Show a distinctive and differentiated positioning in the market with a unique product;
  • Hold the monopoly in bringing a technology-based product/service to market;
  • Are associated with an internationally-renowned knowledge creator.