U.Porto Innovation partners with several organisations to implement ideas and projects related to its mission and goals.

These are the projects U. Porto Innovation is currently involved in:






European Institute of Innovation & Technology | A body of the European Union



DEEP INVENTHEI envisions that by 2030 a critical mass of highly educated young entrepreneurs and innovators will be contributing to the emergence of highly dynamic research and innovation ecosystems, favouring the creation or inshore of knowledge-intensive companies on deep tech technologies, developing new value-added products and services, and innovative business models in the manufacturing and health domains. At the same time, DEEP INVENTHEI will contribute to attracting and retaining talent in Europe, by training deep tech talents, increasing support for women innovators and supporting deep tech academic spin-offs and start-ups.  

DEEPINVENTHEI builds on the results of INVENTHEI, funded by the HEI Initiative pilot call. DEEP INVENTHEI will nurture the existing Business & Innovation Network (BIN@) to create an international network of regional innovation valleys, where the best talent works hand in hand with the best companies and where deep tech innovation thrives. This network of regional innovation valleys will be where disruptive solutions to address the most pressing societal challenges are developed and brought to the market, either through existing companies or deep tech academic spin-offs or start-ups.







European Institute of Innovation & Technology | A body of the European Union


The INVENTHEI project arises in the context of the HEI Initiative: Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education funded under the Pilot Call for Proposals launched by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and led by EIT RawMaterials (one of the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC) of the EIT).

Led by the Faculty of Engineering from the University of Porto, INVENTHEI intends to contribute to the training of the new generation of entrepreneurs through the creation and sharing of innovation practices between partner Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), improving the relationships of their regional innovation ecosystems and promoting research for innovation.

Inspired by the lean start-up methodology, the INVENTHEI project will implement an Innovation Vision Action Plan (IVAP) based around three dimensions related to the pillars of the EIT:

• Learning and Mentoring programs focused on training, guidance and involvement of students and staff (Education Pillar)

• Education structures focused on offering testbeds and innovation-oriented research (Innovation Pillar)

• Collaboration and learning programs between industry, research and academia (Business Pillar)






Horizon 2020


EUGLOHRIA is a “Science with and for Society” project promoted by EUGLOH – European University Alliance for Global Health.

EUGLOHRIA aims to consolidate the Alliance's efforts and achievements towards establishing a European University around Global Health by broadening its scope to include the "Research and Innovation" dimension.

Building upon EUGLOH's accomplishments in education and training on Global Health, EUGLOHRIA will broadly expand EUGLOH's reach, incorporating cutting-edge research and situating the Alliance as a strategic partner within highly dynamic innovation ecosystems.