The object of this invention is related to an instrument that generates flow and pressure oscillation behaviours in a feeding stream to any device. The flow pulsation is made in a chamber with a diaphragm oscillated by the same methods as in electrodynamic speakers.


Entry stream oscillation has been presented as a means to guarantee the good functioning of static mixers, without the need of mechanical agitation means. However, it is difficult to set the frequency of oscillation with the state-of-the-art methods, which are not as adjustable as the present instrument in terms of setting the oscillation amplitude and frequency independently of the flow rate.


The main advantage of this invention is that it allows the pulsation of a fluid stream at high frequencies in a feeding stream to any kind of device. The flexibility to impose different oscillation frequencies, completely defined by an electrical signal generated by one or more sources, is regarded as another advantage. Moreover, the invention allows working with fluid stream pressure values higher than air pressure, enhancing its spectrum of industrial usage. Finally, this is a low-cost instrument as its construction requires no complex mechanical devices.

Potential comercial use/applications: 

The main field of application should be the control of mixing in active micromixers by pressure disturbance, where flow pulsation is generally driven by mechanical methods, such as micropumps.