The invention herein disclosed relates to pesticide active ingredients encapsulated within hybrid nanoparticles with improved efficacy and stability.


The use of pesticides represents serious environmental impacts, such as soil, air, water and food contamination, as well as decrease of soil function and reduction of the biodiversity of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Hence, the development of an improved formulation, with enhanced stability and containing non-toxic excipients, would represent a safer alternative to standard pesticide formulations and improve their efficacy. The present invention provides novel nano-pesticide formulations comprising pesticide ingredients encapsulated within hybrid nanoparticles. These hybrid nanomaterials comprise a lipid and silica matrix combining multiple emulsions water-in-oil-water (W/O/W). This formula allows the individual hydrophilic compounds’ encapsulation in the emulsion´s inner aqueous phase or even the co-loading of hydrophilic active ingredients in the inner aqueous phase and hydrophobic active ingredients in the lipid matrix. Additionally, the combination of organic material (lipid nanoparticles) with an inorganic compound (silica) protects the pesticide active ingredient from premature degradation and allows a controlled release of the active ingredients into the environment. The preparation of these nano-pesticides does not involve the use of organic solvents, additives or toxic compounds. As such, the method disclosed for their obtention is simple, low cost, fast and does not use dangerous reagents.


W/O/W eco-friendly formulation allowing co-loading of hydrophilic and hydrophobic pesticides; Improved stability and controlled release of the active ingredients into the environment; Organic solvent free manufacturing process; 

Potential comercial use/applications: 

Development and commercialization of novel hybrid nano-pestide formulations for different active ingredients.