The present invention consists in a method and a device to monitor and register the temperature during the transport and storage of temperature sensitive goods. The system computes the temperature at the surface of the product based on its thermal characteristics and on the room temperature. There is no need to directly measure product’s surface temperature.


The monitoring and control of temperature is a determinant factor in handling the conformity of temperature sensitive goods, and it consequently addresses the need to guarantee the fluctuations of the cold chain along the production, storage and supply of food. Bacteria are naturally present in goods and get multiplied at various rates depending of temperature. In high temperatures, microorganisms present in foods can reach, within few hours a dangerous level for public health. To correctly preserve foods, the temperature conditions should sustainably block the development of bacteria.


The present technology estimates the temperature at the surface of foods inside refrigerating containers. The method allows the monitoring of foods temperature at its surface according to a calculation method that analyses the superficial initial temperature and also the ambient temperature. To monitor foods temperature the system doesn´t need to contact those objects. The device has a battery system in order to maintain an uninterrupted work, even when the central power supply is disconnected. The data can be transferred to a computing system. The correct management of the temperature inside refrigerating containers does also allow energy (fuel or electric) savings.

Potential comercial use/applications: 

Food industry, good transport, mass distribution