The present invention comprises skincare cosmetic formulations containing pyranoanthocyanins, which are stable natural pigments possessing UV protection and moisturizing properties, as well as anti-dark spots, anti-wrinkles, wound healing and inhibition of biofilm formation. In addition, these compounds present high colour stability at a wide pH range, an important feature for its application in cosmetic products. The application of pyranoanthocyanins extracts avoid the use of physical filters or organic UV filters, known for leading to anaesthetic opaque formulations and rising toxicity concerns, respectively.

The pyranoanthocyanins herein described can be incorporated into skincare formulations, in particular anti-ageing and sun-protection products. This invention also comprises a process of extraction of anthocyanins from different foodstuffs or by-products and their conversion through hemi-synthesis into the desired pyranoanthocyanins.


Skincare formulations, such as sunscreens or formulations to protect the skin from sunlight, typically make use of physical filters such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which result in anaesthetic formulas with opacity and low fluidity. Another approach is the use of organic UV filters, however, organic sunscreens can present cellular toxicity to humans and marine environment, so the FDA administration as not yet generally recognized them as safe and effective. To overcome these limitations, the development of a skincare formulation comprising natural extracts with UV protection and wound-healing properties which could replace the need of any of the above mentioned ingredients would improve safety and reduce the environmental impact of these products.     


Stable and hydrophilic natural products; UV protection and moisturizing properties; Colour stability at a wide pH range; Anti-dark spots, anti-wrinkles and wound-healing properties; Obtention through a straightforward process of extraction and subsequent hemi-synthesis.

Potential comercial use/applications: 

Anti-ageing and sun-protection formulations