The solution relates to a new hydrolysate, namely an extract obtained from a slaughter industry by-product (blood) that may be used as a food supplement in aquafeeds to control bacterial infections and promote fish robustness. 


Bacterial outbreaks often occur in marine aquaculture farms, with a very high impact on fish health status, resulting in high mortality rates in aquaculture production and economic losses. Until now, outbreaks have usually been treated by antibiotics, but antibiotic use may lead to the development of resistant bacteria. Blood hydrolysates can contain useful compounds including bioactive peptides with interesting properties, such as antioxidant, mineral-binding, immunomodulatory or antimicrobial, which makes them useful in fish farming as an alternative to antibiotic use.


This solution represents a good strategy to reduce fish susceptibility to pathogens. It i) promotes fish production in marine fish farms; ii) increases the economic value of a slaughter industry by-product; and iii) minimizes waste, contributing to a circular economy. 

Potential comercial use/applications: 

Supplement/additive for aquafeeds.