The present invention discloses an intermediate-temperature catalytic methane splitting reactor, for producing high purity-hydrogen and graphitic carbon.


Currently, most hydrogen produced worldwide comes from the reforming of natural gas or coal gasification. These processes are gradually becoming environmentally less appealing, due to extensive CO2 emissions.

Therefore, the method of methane splitting holds significant promise for disrupting the current paradigm also due to the ongoing advancements in reactor design, catalyst development and process optimization.


This technology responds to a global need that is hydrogen production, without CO2 emissions. Also, unlike any mehtane splitting system in market, the technology allows the separation and recovery of graphitic carbon materials, which have economic value, but cause catalyst deactivation if not removed.

Potential comercial use/applications: 

This technology will result in centralized or modular hydrogen production systems, which can transform methane sources into hydrogen and graphitic carbon, without producing CO2.